maandag 15 april 2013

MM: Stock

Hi everyone.
It’s Monday and once again I want to talk to you about something that quickly came to mind when the idea of seriously selling my animals came to mind: how much stock do you need?

I think the main thing here is to consider: how do you sell? Do you sell at a (craft) fair, in a web shop, to your friends and family only or did you manage to get a place at shelve at a local store?

In my opinion, selling at fairs would require the greatest stock. I imagine myself at the local garage sale that is a yearly occurrence here in the Netherlands at Queens(-soon-to-be-kings)day. It attracts thousands of people… How much would you need to be able to have a reasonable display all day long, and not to be sold out at 10am or still with a pile of animals at the end of the day?

I seriously do not dare to estimate. I find it very creepy to think about how popular, or not, my work would be… Reasonably I’d say a full stand to start the day + some back up. But then, how big would you make your stand? That answer is more simple I’d say: not too big… It’s more fun to fill up what you’ve sold than have everything displayed (at least, in my opinion). And your overall stock, I think, in the end it depends on how much time you want to put in making the animals.

For a web shop I would think it would be easier, list one or two of each animal and make new ones when you sell them. Also, you will see which design is the most popular and anticipate on that and thus have a larger stock of that item. For me, this also makes selling this way sound a lot more relaxing.
Still, I would like to picture myself at Queens day, correction, Kings day next year with a stand filled with adorable plush :)

For friends and family I’d say it’s even easier: no stock necessary. If they request something you make it, and you can plan you time accordingly. But on the other hand, as I experienced this weekend, suddenly they can all want something.
Do you remember Ollie?

I showed him a few weeks back…
My mom promoted him at the supermarket where we both work, and now I have five Ollies ordered by my coworkers :P So lots of grey yarn in my future for the next few weeks. Certainly, as Olli is related to the soccer competition and that will end in May. Personally, I would like to have them finished then, because that’s just more fun.
And then, never take on so many orders at the same time. Lesson learned ;)

As for the last option: I would say, you don’t need the biggest stock. You probably don’t have half the store to fill, so a few items will do. If sales pick up, you’ll know and have a bigger stock supplied to the store.

But with all it goes, I think, to say… If it is too much work/time/etc. you can always put a hold on it. Nothing commits you to anything for life. The fairs you’ll probably only do if you’re up for it; you only accept order from friends and family if you have the time (they will understand); a web shop can be put on vacation or stopped completely; and selling at a store: sold out = sold out and if you’ve had enough you can always stop it as well.
After all, it’s about the fun you have in your craft.
I hope to see you again either Wednesday to see what I’m up to (Ollies I’d say, although I hope to work some for myself as well :P), Friday to see what I have accomplished (I know I have something else then Ollies to show you then) or next Monday, when I will talk about the another thing that came to my mind.

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